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CONNECT-IT believes in stimulating entrepreneurs to produce local produce & products, using local components in an economically beneficial way to allow them to compete on a global market, at scale!

CAN-AGRI approached us to assist them with a solution for a modular framework to add herbs to their existing market leading innovative vertical farming system.
We assisted them to design and build a rack of 55-meters in length and 6-meters in height with a combination of our 50mm and 38mm Connect-it product range.
The on-site building of this rack was completed in 1 ½ day only! (Excluding the pre-cutting and drilling of pilot holes).

Finished in just over a day!

Can you imagine how long this would have taken to weld!?

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  • Total length square tubing used: 1,38km (1,380m)
  • Effective linear distance welding, if opted: 280m (width of 4 rugby fields)

In the news

Pick n Pay Constantia in Cape Town and Pick n Pay On Nicol in Johannesburg will boast their own in-store vertical farms in collaboration with CAN-Agri (????????? ?? ???????-??). These stores will have their pick of the crop, so to speak, of organic lettuce and herbs.

Vertical farming makes year-round farming possible, and allows for the use of up to 95% less water than traditional farming, according to Mail and Guardian. The farming methods usually include hydroponic systems, which means the plants are not planted in soil but instead in oxygenated, nutrient-rich water.

CAN-Agri’s plants are all free of pesticides and the temperature, humidity, UV, and ventilation in which the plants grow are constantly monitored and each grow tower holds up to 80 plants.

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