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Welding any tubing is a difficult and time consuming task.

Be stronger, faster and smarter with Connect-it’s modular framework solution that is as easy as 1-2-3.

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  • 8x faster than regular welding
  • Less preparation time needed
  • Less finishing time needed
  • Increased overall production


  • Made from composite fibres
  • Tested in heavy duty applications
  • Consistent, straight joins
  • Stronger than welded joins in torque tests*


  • Environmentally friendlier
  • Power tools not necessary
  • No need for formal training
  • Frames can be transported flat
  • Many cost saving benefits

Welding uses a lot of electricity

With Connect-it, you only need a hacksaw, mallet and battery operated drill.

I don't have any experience working with steel

Start with a simple structure (cube) and let your imagination go from there!

I don't have a lot of free time on my hands

Most reputable hardware stores will cut the profiles and cladding according to your specification. Assembling with connectors is 8x faster than welding comparative frameworks.

Scale your productivity and earn more

Connect-it believes in empowering a new generation of innovative DIY-ers and manufacturers in Africa.

Trusted by established businesses in Africa

All that you need to create your own unique frameworks

Need some help choosing the correct components?

Built tough in



24 month


3 Step Plan

1. Fit it

Insert the connector into the steel/aluminium profile. Use a rubber mallet to knock into place. Make sure to check that you are using the correct wall thickness profiles (Steel : 1.2 – 1.6mm wall thickness | Aluminium: 1.2 – 1.4mm wall thickness)

2. Lock it

Align the Wafer Tek Screw approx 20mm from the edge of the profile, and apply sufficient pressure while drilling to ensure it does not slip. Start on a slower speed and then increase it as the screw progresses through the profile.

3. Like it

Admire your handiwork and wonder why you have waited so long to use Connect-it. Now, get to finishing your project and send photos of your completed build to to get featured on our social channels.


Connect-it has provided us with an ingenious solution with a way of flat packing our products. We always need to build interesting stands that are world class in standard - and we have suffered and searched for many years until we discovered Connect-it who have helped us to take our stands to the next level!

Maya JordaanCreative Collective

Connect-it became the catalyst in our washing line framework, and we are very proud of the relationship that we have with them today.

Rob JonesMr Washline

Ons verkoop die Connect-it fittings by Steel and Pipes. Dit maak die lewe soveel makliker vir die man op die straat! Jy kan rakke maak, stoele, tafels - enige vorm raamwerk wat jy aan kan dink so maklik soos pas dit, boor dit, like dit!

Hannes van SchalkwykSteel and Pipes for Africa, Centurion

Customer Frameworks

Connect-it can be used across almost any sector, including agriculture, outdoor and leisure, architecture, DIY, mining and industry and many, many more! Imagine what you could do…

Imagine it. Build it!

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